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THC vapes: what are the pros and cons?

THC Vapes: what are the pros and cons? - The High Class BCN Blog

The consumption of THC with vapes is one of the biggest innovations in the world of cannabis. Traditionally, cannabis has been consumed through the classic joint, followed by pipes and bongs, up to what we know today as electronic vapes.

With the advent of these vaporisers to the general public and/or to the cannabis associations As we were intended for the consumption of nicotine-laced liquids, cannabis smokers discovered a new tool that allowed them to consume THC in a purer form and without the need for combustion.

This aspect made many cannabis users decide to try vapes with THC liquids, to find out what the pros and cons of this new form of consumption were.

What are the different types of THC vapes available?

There are different types of THC vapes, which allow you to enjoy the effects of cannabis in different ways.

A first parameter that can be differentiated when choosing a vape is the size. You can find tabletop vaporisers as well as portable vaporisers.

You can also differentiate the type of "fuel" of the different vapes, taking into account that there are some for dry herbs and the new ones for THC oil.

What are the pros of using THC vapes?

That said, vapers point to convenience as one of the main advantages. It is no longer necessary to arm yourself with papers, filters, tobacco and grinder to smoke THC. It is enough to have the vape in your pocket.

Another plus point (of oil vapes) is the possibility to smoke incognito, as the typical smell of cannabis disappears with vaporisers. A fantastic advantage, especially for smokers who live with people who do not smoke or who cannot tolerate the smell.

Despite the lack of smell, the taste of vaporised cannabis is usually better and more intense, thanks to the absence of paper and tobacco, and the higher concentration of aromatic oils contained in the cannabis. There is even a higher percentage of THC oils than in flowers.

What are the cons of using THC vapes?

If these are some of the positive aspects, there are also disadvantages that can arise when using THC vapes.

Like all electrical devices, there are some that have better benefits than others.

Wanting to save money when buying a vape will probably mean having a low-quality tool, which can get too hot and generate negative health effects.

The same applies to THC oils. If they are of poor quality they can contain dangerous and even lethal additives. So, vaping the right way is not entirely cheap, but it is worth it.

In addition to a higher THC concentration (oils can reach up to 90% concentration) and a better taste, the intensity of a vape is lower than that of a joint. This means that the THC effects will wear off more quickly and will be less strong compared to a classic joint.

To conclude, THC vapes are a very useful tool, as long as they are of quality and the smoker is looking for this rather than quantity.


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