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Thailand and legal cannabis: what you need to know

Thailand and legal cannabis: what you need to know - Blog The High Class BCN

Thailand became the first Asian country to decriminalise on cannabis. This news should not seem so surprising nowadays if we think about markets such as the European and/or American ones, where the consumption, cultivation and sale of marijuana is becoming easier every day.

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However, in Asia, almost all countries have very strict laws surrounding cannabis. For example, in Singapore Not only can cannabis not be consumed within the country, but citizens are not allowed to consume cannabis even when abroad.

Real Marijuana Legalisation in Asia?

This is why the news of the liberalisation of cannabis in Thailand was greeted as a real milestone by marijuana enthusiasts. Less than 20 days after the law decriminalising consumption was passed, almost one million people had registered for a marijuana grower's certificate.

On the one hand, this legalisation makes Thailand the most open country on the issue of cannabis, but it is also worth noting that the use of marijuana remains limited and highly regulated.

In fact, the amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive principle in cannabis) allowed was 0.2%. In case the percentage was higher, the consequences could be very rigid. Up to 5 years for possession and up to 15 years for sale.

It was also forbidden to sell to those under 20 years of age and pregnant women.

It should be clarified that the use of cannabis is also not allowed in public places. The penalty is 3 months' imprisonment and a fine of 680 euros.

The reason: the smell and smoke of marijuana is considered to be a nuisance for non-smokers.

Marijuana legalisation as a social-economic benefit

The cannabis liberalisation project in Thailand It also aimed to generate economic benefits for the entire country, as studies on the marijuana market suggest that a turnover of more than 600 million euros could be achieved by 2024.

To encourage cannabis cultivation, the government gave away one million marijuana plants to citizens as a test of confidence in the new measure.

However, as reported in Bloomberg, opponents of decriminalisation managed to get the bill, passed in June 2022, sent back to committee. They claim that the text of the bill was significantly changed after the first reading in the House of Representatives.

As of today, a new version of the decriminalisation law is supposed to be passed again.

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