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What you need to know about the Cannabis Social Club

If you're wondering how a Coffee Shop differs from a Cannabis Social Club (CSC), we'll tell you in a nutshell. We talk about CSC when we talk about privacy. That's right, and that's certainly the difference. A Cannabis Social Club, or 'Association' has a more privacy oriented approach with members, who are not customers, but rather partners or members

This makes for a good atmosphere and a perfect atmosphere in the CSCs. In them, members get to know each other and can get to know each other well. conversations, experiences and good times. For this and for many other practical reasons, before entering a CSC there is a procedure to follow in order to "be accepted". 

In short, a Cannabis Social Club is a non-profit organisation that has as its main goal to achieve reduce the health and social risks linked to the black market and marginal cannabis use. For this reason, in the CSCs you will generally find a high quality product without contaminants and distributed specifically among the different members, without reaching third parties. 

How do I gain access to a club such as The High Class?

In order to gain access to a cannabis social club, such as The High Class

You will have to follow a set of rules which aim to prevent social problems, to provide information and transparency and to fight against cannabis tourism and widespread crime. The values of The High Class are therefore dialogue (also with public authorities), public health care, transparency and the reasonable price in reference to demand. Once these values have been assumed, it is time to agree. What do I do? We explain it to you:

  • You must be +21 and have a valid ID to prove it.
  • You must be a previous user of cannabis for medical or recreational purposes.
  • You must have your personal details up to date in order to fill in the form.

And... Wait. Even if you do all the steps it doesn't mean that you automatically become a member. But don't worry, we'll get back to you quickly.

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