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Six benefits of being a member of a Cannabis Social Club

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Since its appearance around 2002, the Cannabis Social Club (CSC) has contributed to a large part of the population that previously contributed to the black market. stop funding it. In addition, the emergence of these clubs or 'associations' has helped their users to know the quality and origin of what they are consuming. All without infringing the current laws of the state and the city of Barcelona.

Of course, there are many benefits that have been brought by the CSC (those that, as is well known, appeared due to the lack of a legal framework regarding cannabis cultivation) for society. If you are wondering what they are, in this article we detail them for you:  

1.- You will be able to supply yourself with cannabis for both therapeutic and social purposes. This is especially interesting if it is your first time using marijuana, as the respective specialists working at the club (such as the professionals working at The High Class) will be able to advise you on its consumption and therapeutic benefits. 

2.- You will have the guarantee of being able to consume quality cannabis all year round, at a fair price and with a regular supply. Why? It's simple: when you first join a Cannabis Social Club like ours, you will be asked to fill in a form with your details and your approximate cannabis consumption. All of this is to keep track of our production and to be able to supply ourselves with more or less the strains we need. 

3.- You will have legal protection. All clubs have the legal advice necessary for you to be able to consume cannabis in our space in a peaceful way and without breaking current laws. 

A cannabis social club guarantees you legal protection, medical advice and information about strains and their quality - and much more!

4.- You will be able to enjoy a private space in which you can consume (and share) with other users. All this, with activities of various kinds in which you will be able to for information, advice or simply to enjoy of a relaxed moment.

5.- You will have medical advice if you use cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

6.- They are an alternative to the black market. In this way, you avoid the risks (health and social) involved in buying marijuana on this marginal market and you will contribute to creating a better society. 

In short, in this way actively participate in the improvement of societynot only by preventing cannabis users from engaging in illegal activities and ensuring that public health and safety requirements are met, but also by generating jobs and tax revenue. And all this without the need to denounce the UN drug treaties.

All members of our club enter into a collective shared consumption agreement. For this reason, and under no circumstances, The High Class will spread this cannabis to non-members. What do you think? If the benefits convince you, don't hesitate and contact us!

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