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THC tolerance pause

A sign of heavy cannabis use is that the effects of THC seem to diminish. It no longer produces the same euphoria as it did at the beginning, and to get that euphoria back, you have to consume more.

THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychotropic effect of cannabis. It activates CB1 receptors in the central nervous system, which are part of our body's endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This system, discovered in the middle of the last century, is regulated by the body's own cannabinoids (anandamide, for example), and also, of course, interacts with external cannabinoids, such as cannabis.

SEC plays a key role in various bodily functions, such as pain, sleep, appetite and mood.

Why THC tolerance develops

THC acts on the SEC by activating the CB1 receptor, but when consumption increases, the CB1 receptors decrease, i.e. they no longer respond to the stimulus.

Recent research on this topic has found that chronic users do not experience the same feelings of euphoria, and that with short-term abstinence, CB1 receptors begin to rebound.

What can be said is that regular, daily cannabis use builds up tolerance in the body. In order to eliminate tolerance, or reduce it, a break in consumption is essential to allow these neuroreceptors to become available again.

Tolerance break

Thus, researchers have concluded that when cannabis use is very high, it is recommended to take a break to improve the effects and to give the SEC time to recover.

This is very useful if you are running a cannabis club, as with a management software for cannabis clubs consumers can be helped to achieve responsible consumption.

The tolerance break is a short break, two, three days off, to give the brain time to replenish the CB1 receptors. Withdrawal symptoms are usually not dramatic, so it is relatively easy to go for a while without smoking.

Symptoms of other medical conditions may be a separate issue if cannabis is used for medicinal purposes. In these cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor for an alternative and temporary medication while taking a tolerance break.

On the other hand, physical activity can help to eliminate THC residues more quickly, and is therefore also recommended.

How long the break lasts and how often it should be taken

This depends on the level of tolerance you have. Several factors come into play here, such as how much cannabis is consumed, the time between doses, DNA, etc.

The lack of scientific evidence makes it difficult to give a concrete answer, but experience suggests that, for a regular user, a tolerance break of at least three days per month is recommended, and this should be done every month.

This helps to reduce tolerance and, more importantly, to reduce the symptoms of physical dependence.

Those who are used to using cannabis several times a day on a daily basis may want to take longer breaks of one to two weeks or more, but this depends largely on personal needs and the individual's physical response to cannabis.

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