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Review of: Puffco Proxy

Some time ago we were lucky enough to try the Puffco Proxy. And as we always think about you, dear Spanish-speaking stoners, we decided to make this review with everything you need to know about the new Puffco "Proxy".

If you're wondering what the hell a Puffco is, if it's a breed of Chinese dog or if you can eat it, either because you're completely stoned or because you're from another planet, don't worry, we'll tell you all about it.

It was 2013 when Roger Volodarsky realised that it was time for something new in the cannabis industry. He felt that something was missing and decided to create something new based on three pillars that he considered fundamental: technology, engineering and design.

With a strong conviction that concentrates are the way to consume cannabis of the future, as they contain only the best and purest parts of the plant, they created a vaporiser entirely designed for concentrates.

This is how Puffco was born... (it's a brand, it's not eaten).

Today we have in our hands the Proxy, one of their most popular models. And if they say that one of the pillars is the design, we realise at a glance that they are not kidding. The designers did their homework. Curious and beautiful, the Proxy looks like the result of a cross between your grandfather's pipe and Agent 007's vaper.

Stylish yet tough, practical and portable, we can only praise the design of the Proxy, it's beautiful and classy. The all-black bag it comes in looks compact and tough on the outside. It won't fit in a pocket but it will fit in a purse or handbag.

When we open it, we find the following items:

  • Base: where the oven is and where we will put the chamber with the concentrate.
  • Chamber: the concentrate is put inside and the chamber goes on top of the base.
  • Glass: the shape of the pipe comes from this element, which is where we insert the base and which we also use as a mouthpiece.
  • Charging cable.
  • Loading tool.
  • Double tools (loading and cleaning).

The Puffco Proxy comes with four programmed power modes from which you can try and choose the one you like best. These are:

  • Blue (low): 262°C, higher flavour and lower vapour production
  • Green (medium): 271ºC vapour and balanced flavour
  • Red (high): 285ºC lots of vapour and good flavour.
  • White (max): 293°C plenty of steam for larger dabs

At first we thought of trying it with a spectacular Rosin we have in the High Class dispensary, but when we were about to get it, our dear Helga, the club's manager, called our colleague Volodarsky, creator of Puffco:

"There is no better system, including quartz, for smoking water hash than the Proxy. Full stop.

And if Roger says so... that's how we swapped ICE for Rosin and left with the kit ready to finally test the power of the Proxy.

You have to admit that dabbing with the Proxy is really cool. The mouthpiece is super comfortable and thanks to the pipe design the vapour arrives fresh and full of flavour.

One thing that caught our attention at first is that the Proxy pulls less than other versions of Puffco, such as Peak. It makes sense when we look at their sizes, with the Proxy being smaller.

In addition to this, the Proxy's draw is dry (unless you buy its water filter accessory) unlike its big brothers Peak Pro or Guardian, resulting in a flavourful draw.

To be improved...

The battery is one of the points to improve in this model. The Proxy falls short of other models, which is understandable when you look at its size. The battery lasts approximately 13 to 15 cycles, which varies depending on usage, so if you're going out all day, our recommendation is to go out with an extra battery ;).

Finally, while the glass remains tempered during use (and look, we used it for quite a while), this is obviously not the case with the oven lid. Our recommendation is: keep your fingers still! Resting it on top of the base can result in a scorched finger.


After several days of testing and trying it out, we can confidently say that the Proxy is a worthy member of the Puffco family that is here to stay. Positioned as an intermediate version between the Plus and the Peak, it maintains the portability of one but the comfort and functionality of the other.

Finally, the option of adding accessories, such as a water filter or a grass container, makes it an even more attractive option than it already is.

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