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Cannabis and tourism. Destinations and experiences

With some countries and states around the world changing legislation regarding marijuana use, cannabis tourism has become a trend. Travellers are now looking for destinations that not only offer breathtaking scenery, cultural experiences and culinary delights, but also provide a cannabis-friendly environment. In this article, we will explore some of the best places to visit if you are looking for something of that kind.

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: This has long been a favourite destination for marijuana enthusiasts. Known as the cannabis capital of the world, the city's famous coffeeshops offer a unique experience where visitors can legally buy and consume weed in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, with its picturesque canals and interesting history, Amsterdam is a wonderful place that attracts visitors from all over the world.
  2. Denver, Colorado, United States: Since the legalisation of recreational marijuana in 2012, Denver has become a great location for cannabis tourism in the United States. The city has a wide selection of dispensaries where visitors can purchase high quality weed products. In addition, there are cannabis-friendly hotels and tours that provide unique insights into the local industry. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get high in the Rocky Mountains.
  3. Vancouver, Canada: As one of the first countries to legalise recreational marijuana nationwide, Canada offers a variety of destinations for weed enthusiasts. Vancouver, in particular, is noted for its numerous dispensaries, cannabis-related events and festivals, and guided tours of local marijuana production facilities. The city's stunning natural beauty, including nearby mountains and the Pacific Ocean, is also something to behold.
  4. Montevideo, Uruguay: Uruguay became the first country to legalise the production, sale and consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes. In the capital, Montevideo, visitors can explore local dispensaries, join cannabis tours and learn about the country's progressive marijuana policies, while enjoying Uruguay's wonderful music: tango, murga and candombe. Montevideo's charming neighbourhoods, beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage make it an attractive destination for travellers.
  5. Jamaica: Known for its association with cannabis culture, Jamaica offers a relaxed atmosphere where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the plant. While marijuana is not technically legal for recreational use, it is widely tolerated and the Rastafarian culture, which reveres cannabis as a sacrament, is ingrained in the country. Exploring the stunning beaches, reggae music and vibrant local markets is also a typically Jamaican experience.
  6. Portland, Oregon, United States: This is an ideal destination for those who like beer and cannabis. With its progressive legislation, Portland has become a popular destination for cannabis tourists in the United States. The city has numerous dispensaries and smoking accommodations, and is famous for its food and craft beer bars.
  7. Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona has emerged as a popular tourist destination, partly due to its exclusive cannabis social clubs and high quality marijuana. Visitors can also apply for memberships and become part of these clubs temporarily. There they can enjoy a wide range of cannabis products in a private space and in a typical social environment. Barcelona's nightlife, impressive gothic and modernist architecture, and delicious gastronomy add to the overall experience.

As mindsets and laws continue to evolve, attitudes towards marijuana are changing. Every year, more and more places around the world seem to be embracing cannabis culture and offering unique experiences for travellers. We expect this list to continue to grow with the consequent changes in legislation around the world.


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