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The Cannabis Association and its Important Role

Role of the Cannabis Association

Today, the cannabis association plays a crucial role in society. You may wonder why. Well, the importance lies in several aspects ranging from education to influencing legislation. Let's dive into this fascinating topic.

Structure and Organisation of the Cannabis Association

The cannabis associationsincluding cannabis clubs and the cannabis social club, are well structured and organised. These associations usually consist of:


To become a member of a cannabis users' association, you generally need to be over 21 years of age. This requirement ensures that members are responsible adults, capable of making informed decisions about cannabis use. In addition, many associations require members to be local residents, which helps to maintain a closed and regulated community.

Internal operation

They operate democratically and on a non-profit basis. What does this mean? Well, important decisions are made through voting in which all members participate. In addition, because they are not-for-profit, the income generated by the associations is reinvested in educational activities, facility improvements and support programmes for members. This ensures that the focus remains on the welfare and education of the community.

Role in the Community 

Cannabis associations have several important roles in the community. Did you know that?

Promoting safe and responsible use

They educate about safe cannabis use. This includes workshops and seminars on proper dosage, the least harmful methods of consumption and how to avoid dependence. By promoting informed consumption, the associations help to reduce the risks associated with cannabis use.

Education and awareness-raising

They inform about the benefits and risks of cannabis use, combating myths and misinformation. They offer talks with health experts and cannabis professionals, as well as distributing educational materials detailing both the positive aspects and possible side effects of cannabis use.

User and patient support

They provide support to those who use marijuana for medical reasons. This includes advice on specific strains for different medical conditions, access to quality products and guidance on how to integrate cannabis into a broader treatment plan. The associations also connect patients with doctors and therapists who specialise in the medical use of cannabis.

Influence on legislation

The influence of these associations does not stop at the community level. They go further, influencing laws:

Collaboration with authorities and legislators

They work closely with local governments in Catalonia and the Basque Country, for example. They participate in roundtables, public consultations and meetings with legislators to advocate for fair and equitable regulation of cannabis.

Proposals and legislative changes

They have been instrumental in proposing laws regulating cannabis use, combating the black market and illegal trafficking. The associations have put forward proposals to establish maximum permitted amounts of cannabis that members can possess and consume in their private spaces, contributing to a legal framework that discourages illegal trafficking and fosters a regulated and safe market.

Social and Economic Benefits

Cannabis associations are not only a support for users; they also generate significant benefits:

Job creation and economic opportunities

Cannabis clubs and associations create direct and indirect jobs. From the management and operation of the clubs to the production and distribution of cannabis products, these organisations have a positive impact on the local economy. They also provide employment opportunities in related sectors, such as education and health.

Public health impact

They promote public health by reducing risks associated with private cannabis use. By providing a safe and controlled space for consumption, associations help to minimise the risks of product adulteration and contamination. In addition, they offer harm reduction programmes and support for those seeking to stop using.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Cannabis Association

Legal and social obstacles

Restrictive legal framework:

  • Regional differences in regulations.
  • Example: Catalonia and the Basque Country have more favourable regulations, while other regions are more restrictive.

Supreme Court rulings:

  • Restrictions on the activities of associations.
  • Risk of being considered as illegal drug trafficking.

Social stigmas:

  • Persistence of negative prejudices about cannabis use.
  • Difficulties in community integration.
  • Limitations in attracting new members and partnerships.

Future opportunities for growth and expansion

Growing acceptance and legalisation:

  • Positive change in public perception and government policies.
  • Recognition of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.
  • Reduction of the black market.

Federation of cannabis associations:

  • Coordination at national and international level.
  • Promotion of more favourable legislation.
  • Platform for the exchange of information and strategies.

Innovation and diversification of services:

  • Offering medical counselling, educational workshops and community events.
  • Normalisation of cannabis use.
  • Attracting a more diverse membership base.

Collaboration with academic and scientific institutions:

  • Participation in research studies on the effects and therapeutic applications of cannabis.
  • Contribution to scientific knowledge.
  • Legitimation of associations.

International expansion:

  • Attractive market in countries with progressive cannabis laws.
  • Mutual benefit in the exchange of knowledge and best practices at a global level.


In short, the cannabis associations are essential to our community. Not only do they educate you on how to consume cannabis safely, but they also fight for fairer laws and create jobs. Are you interested in being part of a private and safe space where you can enjoy cannabis?Join our cannabis association today and be part of the change!

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