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From Amsterdam to Barcelona: World-famous Weed Clubs

The Weed clubs like us We are quite popular among cannabis users, thanks to the fact that they offer a space to consume cannabis without any kind of restriction or problem.

Knowing which clubs are from Amsterdam to Barcelona: world-famous weed clubsThis will be very useful if we want to go sightseeing in places where we are allowed to consume cannabis.

Which are the most famous Weed clubs?

In Barcelona, in addition to major events in our sector such as Spannabis, there are also many Weed Clubs where we can consume cannabis, enjoying a space especially for this type of service.

At The High Class Barcelona we are one of the most famous venues in the area, however, there are other great options to add to your list if you are going on a cannabis holiday trip.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam's coffeeshops are probably the most famous coffeeshops in the world. These establishments are legalised and regulated by the Dutch government, and offer a wide variety of cannabis products. Among the most famous coffeeshops are "The Bulldog" y "Barney's".


One of the most popular clubs in Europe is the "The Clubs of the Year".Ebersberger Hanfverband"in Germany. Founded in 1994, this club has become one of the largest in Europe and has more than 1,000 members.

The club is dedicated to marijuana research and education, and also organises events and fairs related to the medical use of marijuana.


Another popular club in Europe is the "Kif-Kif"in Belgium. Founded in 1998, this club has more than 2,000 members and is dedicated to the promotion of marijuana as an alternative to traditional medicines.

It organises various events for all cannabis lovers and offers a home delivery service for its members (something that, let's be clear, still not available in Spain).


Cannabis Social Club is located in France. Founded in 2005, this club has more than 10,000 members and is dedicated to the promotion of cannabis as an alternative to conventional medicines.

Why go to a Weed club?

Firstly, cannabis clubs offer a safe and regulated alternative for obtaining marijuana. Instead of buying marijuana on the street, where quality and purity can be uncertain, as club members you can obtain marijuana of known, safe quality.

Secondly, marijuana clubs promote the medical use of marijuana. As members of the clubs we learn how to use marijuana as an alternative to traditional medicines to treat conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia.

In addition, clubs often have specialists who can advise us on the use of marijuana to treat these conditions safely and effectively, so that we can get the most out of it.

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