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Vaping with the PAX 3

This week we were lucky enough to have them visit our cannabis association the PAX team and as in The High Class we are naturally curious when it comes to cannabis, when we were offered the chance to try the PAX 3 vaporiser we didn't hesitate for a second.

Successor to the acclaimed PAX 2, a high-end vaporizer characterised by its portability, resistance and conduction heating, the PAX 3 seeks to maintain all these features, solving problems and adding the option of vaping cannabis concentrates.

First impressions: Vaping with the PAX 3

Excited by this last piece of information, we went to a private room in the club to try it. We left the box on the table and just by looking at it we realised the quality of the product. It looks more like the box of a mobile phone than a vape, it's cool.

When we opened it, we were delighted to see that the PAX 3 still retains the portable, elegant and robust design of its predecessor. In our case it comes in black, but you can also find it in red, green or beige.

One thing to criticise is that while it looks amazing, it is equally amazing how easily the PAX 3 gets scratched. In this respect it is the same as the 2 and it is almost obligatory to buy a skin to keep the case in good condition.

Control of PAX 3

With a single control button located on the nozzle, we can turn it on/off or switch between temperature modes. Like its previous model PAX 3 it comes with 4 temperature settings:

  • Temperature setting 1 - 182ºC
  • Temperature setting 2 - 193°C
  • Temperature setting 3 - 204°C
  • Temperature setting 4 - 216ºC

But a new feature is that it also has an app, from which you can control and adjust the device.

From the app we can access four new temperature modes beyond the standard, which are:

  • Discreet: low combustion power to avoid unwanted odours.
  • Flavour: the device raises the temperature when inhaling and lowers it rapidly after inhalation to bring out the maximum possible flavour.
  • Turbo: Limits the cooling of the device for a more powerful and thicker vape.
  • Efficient: to save battery power.

This is super handy as with the modes and settings you can select the mode that best suits what you are looking for, be it discretion or power. From the app you can also change the colour and power of the light on the device.

Herbs and Concentrates

If you are already a PAX user and don't know whether to get the latest PAX vape, you'll be happy to know that all the accessories from PAX 2 can still be used on PAX 3. But the real reason to switch to the new version is this... It's real, PAX 3 is a good vape. concentrates And with an incredible result.

With an oven capacity of 0.3 grams, its original lid can be replaced by an insert where you can put the concentrate to vape, either alone or with weed. The only downside is that it sticks out a bit from the vaporizer, but it's nothing serious to say the truth.

Basic kit and complete kit

The PAX 3 comes in two versions, the basic kit and the complete kit. In both options the device is the same and we will have access to the app, what mainly changes are the accessories they come with.

The basic kit comes with:

  • steamer
  • Maintenance kit
  • Magnetic USB charger (for charging by simply leaning against it)
  • Two nozzles (one flat and one raised)
  • Oven rack x1
  • Oven lid

On the other hand the complete kit brings the same, but adding up:

  • Half oven lid
  • Grafting for concentrates
  • Multi-tool key ring


PAX made its name and place of importance among vapers thanks to the design and quality of its product and the PAX 3 only affirms this further. It retains all the good things from the previous models and adds new features such as the ability to smoke concentrates.

Chances are that if you don't like PAX 2, you won't like PAX 3 either, but if you haven't tried it or if you already liked its previous versions, we definitely recommend PAX 3.

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