PERHAPS THE MOST REPUTABLE CANNABIS CLUB IN BARCELONA.    C/ de Pujades, 147 - 08005, Barcelona, Catalunya.

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Partner Conduct Protocol


  • Any member who is inside the premises of the Association will keep at all times and situations a physical and verbal, cordial, responsible and respectful behaviour, both with the other members and collaborators.
  • Excessive shouting, shouting, loud discussions, high volume and other behaviours that may be annoying for the rest of the people present, especially for the neighbours of the association, will not be allowed.
  • All members shall make good use of the Association's facilities, committing themselves to their care and conservation. committing themselves to their care and conservation.
  • Bicycles are not allowed on the premises; in the case of skateboards, please notify the front desk to organize them temporarily so as not to create discomfort due to the space.
  • Pets are not allowed on the furniture and their stay must be short.
  • Inform by mail or personally to the board of directors, all news, complaints or claims that may arise regarding the service and attention by the collaborators, or suggestions and general observations of product, quality, facilities, for continuous improvement.

In the event that a member wishes to cancel a membership, he/she must make a request at the reception desk.


  • The right to consume the most organic substance possible, free of adulterations that may be harmful to their health.
  • Right to participate in the development of the activities of the association, and to spread a positive image, preserving excellent personal behaviour.
  • The right to have certain and updated information about cannabis, its properties, effects and possible risks or damages that could derive from its consumption.


  • The following behaviours are prohibited, which constitute grounds for expulsion as determined by the board.
  • The entry of the member in a state of clutch, under the influence of any kind of substances.
  • The entry of substances or alcoholic beverages.
  • The consumption on the premises of the association of any type of substances other than cannabis and its derivatives.
  • The irresponsible or illicit use and consumption of cannabis and its derivatives.
  • Sale of any type of substance within the premises of the association.
  • Disrespectful, inappropriate or disqualifying treatment towards other members or collaborators of the association.
  • Right to privacy, confidentiality and security, in accordance with the provisions of the rules of protection of personal data.