PERHAPS THE MOST REPUTABLE CANNABIS CLUB IN BARCELONA.    C/ de Pujades, 147 - 08005, Barcelona, Catalunya.

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What is The High Class Barcelona ?

The High Class is a cannabis association located in Barcelona, where you must be a member to join. At our cannabis club The High Class, you can consume cannabis and its derivatives legally.

In brief :

  • Nous arrivons à Barcelone.
  • To access, you must be a member.
  • Oui, vous pouvez consommer du cannabis légalement.

How can I become a member of The High Class cannabis association?

To smoke marijuana legally in Barcelona, you should do so in a private place, such as a cannabis association. To become a member of our social club, you must have an invitation, be 21 years of age or older and present a photo of documentation.


  • Request access via the form.
  • Venise avec un partenaire que vous recommandez.

What about the security of personal data that I provide to a cannabis club?

You can be assured of the security of your personal data. At The High Class, we treat your data with the utmost confidentiality and responsibility. Stored in complete security, your data will never be shared.


  • We protect your data.
  • Il est de notre responsabilité qu'il en soit ainsi.

Do I need an identity card every time I enter the cannabis club?

Ouais. One of the conditions required to join the club is to present an official identity card from your country, which is certified as an identity card, passport, driving licence, etc.

In brief :

  • Please provide a document that identifies you.
  • Cellule délivrée par une autorité valide.

Est-ce que vous m'inscrivez ici, avez-vous visité l'association du cannabis ?

Bien sûr que non ! You only have to register the first time. After the closing time, to enter, you only need to enter your membership number and an ID card with photo.

In brief :

  • Register for the first time.
  • Access with your membership number.

Can tourists/travellers become members of the club?

Ouais. If you are a foreigner and/or a tourist in Barcelona, you can become a member as long as you fulfil the above mentioned conditions.

In brief :

  • Bon sang ouais, nous ne sommes pas racistes.
  • Répondre aux prérequis.

Est-ce légal pour les fumeurs de marijuana à Barcelone ?

Marijuana smokers are strictly forbidden in public spaces. What is legal is to smoke in a private space and that is why there are cannabis associations such as The High Class.

In brief :

  • Dans les espaces privés, OUI.
  • Dans les espaces publics, NON.

Peut-on acheter de la marijuana en ligne ?

Non, aucun club ne propose de vendre du cannabis en ligne.

In brief :

  • NON. C'est illégal.

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

The main difference is that CBD is like a relaxant and that there is no longer a "high" with the euphoric effect caused by THC. Plus sur le sujet ici :

In brief :

  • The effect on your body differs depending on what you consume.

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa ?

A variety of Indica is the best option for relaxation and relaxation due to its sedative effects. Recommended for calming stress, cinema evenings or to end the day in a relaxed way. Sativa with a cerebral effect that has generated a "euphoric" sensation. Generally accompanied by an energising effect that rests in the organism, it is preferable to use the pendant on a daily basis, which allows you to rest more actively than an Indica shower.

In brief :

  • Indiquer = rest and relaxation.
  • Sativa = euphorie et énergie.

Je n'aime pas fumer. Ofrez-vous d'autres options pour consommer du cannabis au sein du club ?

Ouais. Within our cannabis association The High Class, you will find edible products as well as vaporisers, bangs and dab rigs so that you can buy your favourite herb, extract or concentrate.

In brief :

  • Nous avons des produits comestibles.
  • Aussi des vaporisateurs.
  • Bangs et plates-formes, dans notre local.