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Cannabis and yoga

The world of yoga and meditation has evolved enormously over the years.
years. Ancestral practices have found modern ways of merging with
different philosophies and substances in order to enhance the experience of self-knowledge and
welfare. Among these substances, cannabis has emerged as a combination
interesting with yoga. But is it safe and effective to combine these two worlds?

Is it possible to do yoga under the influence of cannabis?

It is a question that many yoga and cannabis enthusiasts have asked themselves. The
The answer, although it may vary from person to person, is a conditional yes.
Firstly, it is essential to understand that both practices (using cannabis and making
yoga) require responsibility and self-knowledge. If you decide to combine the two, you should
be aware of your limits, know how your body reacts to cannabis and how much it
you can consume without affecting your coordination or perception.
Some practitioners claim that cannabis allows them to enter into a state of
relaxation and deeper awareness, which facilitates the mind-body connection. Without
However, it is essential to remember that, for some people, cannabis can cause effects
adverse effects such as dizziness, paranoia or incoordination, which could interfere with the
yoga practice.

How doing Yoga under the effects of cannabis helps you combat stress

Yoga alone is a powerful tool to combat stress. It helps to
relax the mind, connect with the present and improve breathing, among others.
benefits. On the other hand, cannabis, especially those strains with a high content of
CBD has been shown to be useful in reducing anxiety.

  1. Deep relaxation: By combining the two, many users report a
    sense of deeper relaxation, as if the tensions of the body and the
    The melting of the ice melted more quickly.
  2. Mind-body connection: Cannabis may enhance feelings of connectedness
    between mind and body, which can help to focus on the breath and on the
  3. Reduction of self-criticism: Sometimes, during the practice of yoga, it is common to
    the mind wanders or self-critical thoughts arise. Cannabis can
    help to reduce that inner voice and be more present in the moment.

What type of marijuana to use depending on the type of yoga you are going to do

Different strains of cannabis have different effects, and, of course, the type of yoga
you practice will also determine your experience.

  1.  Restorative YogaIf you are going to do a calmer and more centred type of yoga
    relaxation, strains with high CBD content and low THC can be
    ideal, as they relax without causing euphoria.
  2. Vinyasa or AshtangaThese are more intense and dynamic types of yoga. A
    sativa strain, which is known for its energising effect, could be suitable. Without
    However, it is crucial not to over-consume in order to avoid uncoordination.
  3. Yoga Nidra or meditationFor practices centred on deep meditation,
    an indica strain, which relaxes and helps to deepen the meditative state, it can be

The combination of cannabis and yoga can offer a unique experience and
enriching for those seeking to deepen their practice and well-being. Without
However, it is always essential to approach this combination responsibly,
self-knowledge and, ideally, under the guidance of professionals in both fields.