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Cannabis and fashion: trends and style.

The hemp plant, one of the varieties of the plant of cannabis, has been used to make clothing and accessories for more than five thousand years. But in recent years, a remarkable shift in societal attitudes towards the meaning and stigma of cannabis has been accompanied by new fashion trends that include the materials and visual symbols of the plant. Once, marijuana was only associated with counterculture and stoner stereotypes; but today, many luxury or high design brands have embraced the motif of the leaf and incorporated it into their designs.

Here is a list of fashion collections and designers that have incorporated cannabis symbols or used cannabis-related elements in their designs:

Alexander Wang x Bong Appetit:

  1. Renowned fashion designer Alexander Wang collaborated with the popular cannabis-themed cooking show, "Bong Appetit," to create a limited-edition capsule collection. The collection featured streetwear-inspired pieces, including t-shirts and hoodies, adorned with cannabis leaf prints and clever wordplay related to such culture.


  1. Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Pleasures is known for its rebellious and subversive designs. They have frequently embraced the counterculture aesthetic by incorporating cannabis-inspired graphics into their collections. From psychedelic patterns featuring the shape of the leaves to bold typography conveying stoner messages. 

Sundae School:

  1. Sundae School is a New York-based brand that combines elements of Korean heritage, counterculture, and streetwear. Their collections often feature unique interpretations of cannabis imagery, blending it with traditional Korean motifs and symbolism. Sundae School's designs challenge stereotypes while promoting inclusivity and self-expression.


  1. Berlin-based fashion brand LAZOSCHMIDL introduced a collection called "Scandisisco" that celebrated Scandinavian and San Francisco alternative influences. The collection included pieces adorned with playful cannabis-themed prints, merging the laid-back vibes of the weed culture with high fashion aesthetics.

Gypsy Sport:

  1. Gypsy Sport, a boundary-pushing fashion brand that often features bold cannabis prints, unique fabric choices, and unconventional silhouettes. Gypsy Sport pushes the boundaries of what is considered mainstream fashion, incorporating alternative symbolism to challenge norms.


  1. HUF is a skateboarding and streetwear brand, known for their graphic t-shirts, caps, and accessories. HUF features creative and eye-catching weed-themed prints, appealing to skate and streetwear enthusiasts who align with an alternative culture.

These are just some examples of how more fashion designers and brands have been embracing what was once a symbol of minorities into mainstream designs. Cannabis is now cooler than ever, and its popularity is rising high with the decriminalization of its use in many countries in the world.

While it is still not legal in most parts of the world - not even here in Barcelona where we can only consume cannabis in our private residences or in the premises of dispensaries and weed clubs - the fact that it is already not considered a crime in so many societies is a huge advancement.

We hope that in time, at least the design side of the cannabis culture can expand even further, into brands and consumers that a few years ago would have never thought of making or wearing a piece of clothing with a weed leaf on it.


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