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Cannabis concetrates with and without solvents

The different types of cannabis concentrates are becoming more and more popular every day among consumers. The varieties that can be obtained through these products depend on whether they are extracts where solvents are used to make the concentrates, or not.

Can cannabis concentrates have different percentages of THC and CBD?

Cannabis concentrates can have a different percentage of THC and CBD. It is essential to know these values to understand the effects that each of these can have.

In this case, the preparation and ingestion depends on the type of concentrate selected. These concentrates can be obtained without solvents or by using solvents such as butane, alcohol, propane and carbon dioxide.

When concentrating cannabis, we seek to extract the active ingredients of cannabis and eliminate, in a high percentage, the parts of the plant we don’t want.

It is important to know that concentrates cannot be smoked directly. Different types of vaporizers or pipes are used that allow the consumer to safely inhale cannabinoids.

What are the most popular solvent-free concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates vary according to the proportion of THC and CBD found and their preparation mechanism. In the case of concentrates that are produced without solvents, the most popular without a doubt is hashish, the cannabis concentrate par excellence.

There is also the ‘rosin hash’, a hashish that can contain up to 69% THC, which is obtained by heating and pressing the resinous parts of cannabis.

Another popular concentrate is ‘bubble hash’ where ice water is used to mix and strain the cannabis buds. Funnily, when smoked it bubbles in each puff.

What are the most popular solvent concentrates?

Another way to get cannabis concentrates is through the use of solvents as we mentioned above. Alcohol, butane, propane or carbon dioxide can be used for processing.

Within these extracts the most popular are known as PHO (Propane Hash Oil) and BHO (Butane Hash Oil). These usually look like wax, and can be consumed using vapes, dab rigs or e-cigarettes.

In our cannabis association in Barcelona, opinions are diverse and it is common to find our members discussing this issue. Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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